General information on the coronavirus, Covid 19, SARS CoV 2 in South Africa can be found here.

At Baluleni Safari Lodge we take great care to minimize the risk of Covid 19 infection. We have implemented a strict protocol by the regulations and ask our guests for assistance in complying with this protocol.

Should a guest show signs or be marked as a potential COVID-19 case, please inform our reception before you arrive in Baluleni. All guests are required to sign an affidavit stating that they are in a clean state of health and that they have no contact with anyone infected with COVID-19 and that they have not traveled to a high-risk area in the past 14 days, being confirmed.

Please don’t be offended if our friendly staff doesn’t greet you with a handshake. And her smile is covered by a mask. Our staff will ask you to wear masks in public areas and show you the ubiquitous hand sanitizers.

The temperature check and the recording of this data are carried out daily for all guests. Should a guest show signs of COVID-19 infection, the lodge management staff will follow the recommendations, according to the guidelines of the SA government and the W.H.O. to do.

We have direct access to a doctor on call if a guest develops symptoms during their visit. Separate isolation rooms are provided for suspected cases and the necessary measures are directed by our emergency medical advisors. Health facilities are easily accessible in the event a guest needs to be hospitalized.

Daily detailed health checks and temperature checks are carried out for all employees. All of the staff’s leisure, accommodation, and work areas have training material to inform staff about hygiene protocols. Additional training courses are held for all employees dealing with food, which are relevant to the current situation about the safe handling of food and service practices. At least one person who has been trained as a hygiene manager and is responsible for compliance with the new operating guidelines will be on duty. Logs are monitored by the risk management manager.

Social distancing protocols are implemented in the dining areas with separate tables.

The number of guests per safari vehicle will not exceed 6 people.

Most meals and snacks, including game drives, are individually prepared and coated under strict hygiene standards.


Extensive and improved cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out in all rooms and common areas.

Alcohol-based disinfectants (70%) will be available in game vehicles and in public spaces.

After checking out, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. To limit contact, your room will only be entered by cleaning staff upon request.

Extensive cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out on devices and frequently touched surfaces.byabout